Why & How Ziger The Tiger Was Created

I often thought that creating a fun character in the jungle would appeal to kids and I was right! That was how Ziger the Tiger stories was born. I was also interested in the whole process of learning to read. I had some experience as I taught my own brother to read but that was a long time ago!

Creating fun characters

I set to work and created the Ziger The Tiger Stories for kids with the following objectives:-

  • Create a fun character for kids
  • Encourage kids to read and enjoy it.
  • Cover life lessons and help kids relate to them
  • Help parents to teach these issues in a fun and relaxing way.

The first story, Ziger The Tiger Never Gets Angry dealt with anger issues. Every parent has had to deal with those meltdowns when anger takes aover and when their own angry reaction can lead to a breakdowen in communication.

I wanted to create a fun character and one that kids would relate to. It was also an idea to use some situation that kids would naturally relate to. In the first book, this was anger because that is a problem in many schools and kindergartens to-day. So, Ziger gets angry and his mum tells him to cool it. One reviewer can put it better than I can:-

“Having worked in a primary school for a number of years, and witnessed how quickly some children, even really young children, would lose their temper, throw temper tantrums, lash out at both the other children and teachers, I found Ziger the Tiger to be a very helpful and enjoyable story for kids of all ages.”

A new adventure in writing

I had a reputation for writing about ADHD which was very well founded as I had written literally hundreds of articles on the subject which eventually led to a first book called Facts About ADHD Children. That was really a summary of everything I had learned and written in those years.

This was somewhat reflected in one of the early reviews I had for Ziger because the reviewer understandably thought that it would all be terribly serious as my book was. She wrote :-

“When Robert Locke author of Ziger the Tiger Never Gets Angry sent me a free copy of his book and asked me to write an honest review of this children’s story I was both flattered and nervous. Having raised several children of my own I knew the kind of stories young children love and wondered how someone like Robert who had always written on serious subjects such as ADHD would now rise to the challenge of writing a story for young children. I shouldn’t have worried. Robert has managed to create a likeable tiger that children will enjoy being introduced to and they will be left wanting to hear more about Ziger and his adventures.”

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