Reviews of Ziger The Tiger Stories


Ziger The Tiger Never Gets Angry – Ziger  Stories, Book 1


“As a parent, you know that children who are tired or face uncomfortable situations often don’t know how to handle their feeling and often resort to angry meltdowns as a way of dealing with their feelings. Ziger the Tiger has exactly the same problem and his anger is creating quite a disturbance for the entire jungle until his wise mother steps in and helps her son discover new and more acceptable ways of dealing with his anger.This is a fun story for children with an important lesson and it is likely to become a story your children will want to hear again and again.”- Martie

“This is a fantastic kids book with a cute story, great writing and adorable pictures. I highly recommend this for kids as a bedtime story or a story to read to your child if there has been a behavior problem with temper tantrums.”-Jane Austen Fan

“A rememberable book. It teaches ways a kid or person can calm down once angry or provoked. Ziger learns his lesson and a nice moral told.”- Amazon Customer “It’s cute how mom helps him realize that others have anger issues also. I liked how he was given a concrete way to deal with it.“- Carolyn Peacock

“To sum up, Ziger is shown ways to control his impulsive behavior. Do you think the animals in the jungle will stop teasing him and likewise follow his good example? This book is a cute way to demonstrate a lesson.-Barbara Mojica

“Read this to my nephew & he really enjoyed it. The pictures & story are cute along with having a good lesson in dealing with anger. This makes a good bedtime story that you can read again & again.”- Trina Chase

“Having worked in a primary school for a number of years, and witnessed how quickly some children, even really young children, would lose their temper, throw temper tantrums, lash out at both the other children and teachers, I found Ziger the Tiger to be a very helpful and enjoyable story for kids of all ages.”- Mary


 Ziger The Tiger Is In Danger – Ziger Stories, Book 2

Ziger the Tiger is a clever, modern-day jungle cat. After winning the Olympic swimming competition, he realized he was stronger and smarter than ever. However, the jungle is a dangerous place with predators both human and animal. My kids like this story because they love animals and love the tips they have to keeping themselves safe when they are playing. It’s even fun to see animals using 21st century tools that kids can use if they find themselves in similar situations. They are ready for the next Ziger the Tiger story!”  – Rachel Horon

“Ziger is a clever, funny and self-reliant character. Preschoolers and beginning readers will enjoy hearing about his exploits. Readers learn a bit about recycling, technology, and being wary of strangers. There are some color photos and graphics to encourage sustained interest in the short tale. Recommended as a read aloud for preschoolers and beginning reader for six to eight year olds.”- Barbara Mojica

The story also touches on the importance of looking after our environment and protecting animals, which again is an invaluable lesson for young children to learn and grow up with. Great story, lovely read, and just the right length to capture and retain children’s attention! Looking forward to the next on in the series! Mary


Ziger The Tiger Is Getting Fat  – Ziger Stories, Book 3

 “I found this to be a very healthy fun and less demeaning for kids to see how junk food eaten day in and day out too often could cause them serious health problems like obesity, diabetics and heart and liver illnesses. Therefore I would like to recommend this  ebook for five stars especially for those between the ages of 4-8 but also for those older who have already began to go down the wrong road. it’s not too late to turn your life and health to being healthy now while you can.
I received this ebook for free thru KU and in return, here is my honest review. SUPER WORK Robert! By Angela”