Robert Locke created the Ziger The Tiger Stories for kids with the following objectives:-

  • Create a fun character for kids
  • Encourage kids to read and enjoy it.
  • Cover life lessons and help kids relate to them
  • Help parents to teach these issues in a fun and relaxing way.

The first story, Ziger The Tiger Never Gets Angry dealt with anger issues. The second story Ziger the Tiger Is In Danger! was published last year while the third story, Ziger The Tiger Is Getting Fat has just been published. All three stories are available in digital and paperback formats.

These stories helps kids with life lessons on anger issues, animal protection and conservation and  healthy eating. There are also a few lessons on friendship, environmental protection and showing solidarity, all in a fun way with Ziger the Tiger as the charming and amusing protagonist who happens to have a smartphone, of course!

Robert has been a freelance writer for many years and covers most health topics. He is a regular contributor to the Lifehack site (it gets 11.7 million visits monthly). He has also contributed to sites such as How to Learn and the Top Tenz. He runs his own parenting blog, Problem Kids Blog, and has recently started publishing children’s fiction to complement his work on parenting, ADHD and other child health issues.

We have had great fun in writing the Ziger the Tiger stories and we are going to create quite a few more. The reaction has been amazing so we are well on the way to establishing Ziger the tiger as a fun character and one that kids can relate to.


A new adventure in writing

I had a reputation for writing about ADHD which was very well founded as I had written literally hundreds of articles on the subject which eventually led to a first book called Facts About ADHD Children. That was really a summary of everything I had learned and written in those years.

This was somewhat reflected in one of the early reviews I had for Ziger because the reviewer understandably thought that it would all be terribly serious as my book was. She wrote :-

“When Robert Locke author of Ziger the Tiger Never Gets Angry sent me a free copy of his book and asked me to write an honest review of this children’s story I was both flattered and nervous. Having raised several children of my own I knew the kind of stories young children love and wondered how someone like Robert who had always written on serious subjects such as ADHD would now rise to the challenge of writing a story for young children. I shouldn’t have worried. Robert has managed to create a likeable tiger that children will enjoy being introduced to and they will be left wanting to hear more about Ziger and his adventures.”


Creating fun characters

I wanted to create a fun character and one that kids would relate to. It was also an idea to use some situation that kids would naturally relate to. In the first book, this was anger because that is a problem in many schools and kindergartens to-day. So, Ziger gets angry and his mum tells him to cool it. One reviewer can put it better than I can:-

“Having worked in a primary school for a number of years, and witnessed how quickly some children, even really young children, would lose their temper, throw temper tantrums, lash out at both the other children and teachers, I found Ziger the Tiger to be a very helpful and enjoyable story for kids of all ages.”


Animal conservation and environmental protection in the second story:-

This would be a subject which might be hard for kids to relate to, but not when seen through the eyes of a tiger. He lives under constant surveillance and is threatened by poachers in South East Asia who want his body parts. Hi s mother warns him and then Ziger gets into a fix and faces real danger. You can see the first trailer for this here when Ziger gets a warning from his mother.

Healthy eating and dieting are covered in the third story.


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